Why Solar?


Solar is Now Cost Effective

As solar costs have dropped, the worldwide demand for conventional “dirty” energy production using oil, gas and coal has increased. That translates into higher prices from our utility companies per kilowatt hour. Because of the tax incentives offered by State and Federal we have reached the point of price parody where producing your own electricity is less than buying it from big power companies. Monthly bills will continue to rise but the solar adopters will have a smooth, even cost that is predicable right from the start. The cost of installing a solar electric or solar hot water system that meets your needs can be amortized out over a period of years with a loan and still amount to a lower monthly payment than the continually rising power bills. The life of most all solar installations is at least 25 and probably much more because that’s our SolarWorld guarantee! You will have many years so once your investment is fully paid off, you will look forward to when you will be paying absolutely nothing for your energy.


Right now the following incentives are being offered:

Tax Credit – The Federal Government provides a 30% Solar Investment Tax Credit. Not just a tax deduction but a tax credit and with no cap on the amount of time you take the credit “First year or the Fifth” for all Hawaii residential solar panel installations.

Rebates – The Hawaii Solar initiative is offering rebates for thermal solar panel installations throughout the state. The current residential incentives can help reduce the net cost of a solar system by as much as $5,000.00. Rebates for commercial, new construction, non-profits, and other entities are even higher. These rebates are on a tiered system, meaning that as the money allocated for the rebate program is used on a first come, first serve basis, at some point the percentage being offered will drop (As it just did the first of this year).

So if you’re thinking about going solar, putting it off may result in a lower rebate in year to come. As a matter of fact the Hawaiian legislature is considering a bill to eliminate the incentive all together! Do it NOW!!

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Net Energy Metering

When your solar system produces more energy than your home uses, your utility will provide you a credit. At night, when your solar system is not producing, your credited electricity will be used before you are charged for any from the grid.