Our Guarantee

Friends Solar will guarantee that our proposed Enphase Energy Saving will pay for itself in three years or less from the date of installation, unless otherwise stated or installed.

After the system is fully installed net metering in place and operational, the following verification methods will be implemented to measure performance:

1.) Instantaneous Demand Verification: Enphase standards to establish the instantaneous demand reductions.

2.) Short Term Verified Performance: The new actual billed electrical consumption and cost will be compared to the same period in the prior year, adjusting for changeable elements such as weather, occupancy and cost of power and to establish the average actual savings per kWh used. The comparison period shall include at least two full round up billing periods after instillation.

3.) Long Term Verified Performance: The final verification method is comparing the total kWh consumption from the installation date to the estimated and/or guaranteed payback date to the same period in the previous years, accounting for changeable elements to establish the net kWh and cost reduction benefit.

Our estimated projections in this proposal are based upon the utility bills, energy readings and operational information provided by the facility. When the system performs as indicated in this proposal, and the verification methods validate the energy reductions will payback within three years, the Customer will be responsible to abide by the terms of this agreement and fulfill the lease or outright purchase. The actual expected reduction percentage will be estimated to be between the apparent power reduction and the real power reduction as billed by the utility company.

The Enphase Enlighten interface requires no maintenance or servicing. Tampering with the devices after installation will void the warranty and the guarantee. All savings projections are based on current operational demands and existing equipment. Any significant changes may alter the results. Enphase offers a twenty-five year product warranty.

In some instances Customer may also be eligible for rebates. The Customer shall apply for these rebates and this will not alter the terms of our proposal.

Remedy for non‐performance: 100% refund upon completion of all verification.

Remedy for under performance: Should, after the verification process and due diligence by

Friends Solar to correct an under performance circumstance, Friends Solar shall refund the customer according the percentage of reduction not provided as stated in our proposal.