Off Grid Energy


Off Grid Solutions Overview…

For commercial installations or private dwellings, there could be any number of reasons that you are looking for an independent power solution. It may be because the Utility may have quoted a substantial figure for connection, perhaps many tens of thousands of dollars, it may be to do with legal of physical obstacles or it may be because you want to have independence from grid power.

Whatever your motivation, you will want a cost effective solution that fits both your budget and your performance needs. Our task is to understand what you want to do and provide a solution that makes financial sense both in terms of initial investment and operating costs.


We offer hybrid power systems that deliver power just as you expect from the grid – automatically and without interruption. Power is generated from conventional and/or renewable means. The end result is lowest possible fuel consumption and least impact on the environment. Take a look at our case studies. These outline a range of solutions that span the full spectrum of circumstances.

There may be an example that suits your needs exactly or is close. We can work with you to develop a solution that fits your needs precisely.

There are also resources available that explain things in more detail and that will help you to assess your needs. We are always happy to discuss any questions you have.