Have you heard the story about the family whose residential electricity bill went from a few hundred a month to less than $50 per month? We all have! How did they do it? They harnessed Hawaii’s abundant sunlight by installing photovoltaic and solar water-heating systems.

Aloha Pacific FCU, has partnered with Friends Solar, is easing the way toward this renewable energy solution with a new financing program that includes photovoltaic and solar water-heating systems and other solar installations that would dramatically slash monthly electricity bills.

  • Term: Fixed for 60 months
  • Rate: 0% APR for the first two years; after the first 24 months, interest rate converts to 5.99% APR and will start to accrue interest for the remaining term
  • Maximum loan amount: $50,000 (higher amounts would require special approval)
  • No pre-payment penalty 4 Monthly payments will be the same over 60 months
  • May qualify for state and federal tax credits

During the first 24 months of the loan, your monthly minimum regular payments will be used to reduce the amount of principal; thereafter, your monthly minimum regular payments will be used to pay accrued interest and principal

Another option, with longer terms, is available. This Dealer Solar Loan program also covers both solar water-heating and photovoltaic systems.

Rate: 5.99% APR

Term: Up to 10 years (120 months)

Maximum loan amount: $50,000 (higher amounts would require special approval)

May qualify for state and federal tax credits of up to 65%!

Our Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) just got even $weeter. Now it’s offered at 3.5% APR (annual percentage rate) fixed for 59 months.

That means you’ll have even more flexibility in financing your Photovoltaic project easily and inexpensively. P

With several access options that will simplify your life and a fantastically low rate that will save you money, our HELOC can be a smart solution for you and your family – and fund life’s many sweet possibilities!