Freedom Plan

Welcome to The SolarWorld Freedom™ Plan


Finance a solar system for your home for no money down

The Freedom Plan gives you:

  • Freedom to choose how you want to finance your solar investment
  • Freedom from rising energy costs
  • Freedom to choose American-made solar and support American jobs
  • Freedom to lower your energy bill


  • NO high upfront capital costs
  • NO system maintenance
  • NO performance risk

Lower your energy bill today – Choose the Freedom plan that’s right for you:

Plan Type Zero Down Plan Low Down Plan Prepay Plan
Best plan if you: Want to have zero capital outlay but still reduce your monthly electric bill Can make a low investment upfront and choose to lock in solar payment amount Have funds to prepay for all solar upfront in order to lock in the lowest rate available
Upfront investment $0 Varies – typically less than $3,000 Highest investment required
Annual rate increase Varies – typically lower than utility increases 0% – 3.5% N/A
Total 20 year savings Substantial More Most
Maintenance included Yes Yes Yes
Insurance included Yes Yes Yes
Monitoring Included Yes Yes Yes

Pay for all the energy your system will generate in one lump sum. This gives you the largest savings over 20 years by providing a very low cost per kWh. With affordable solar energy already purchased, you’ll pay only a minimal electric bill every month based on your personal energy usage.

Save with:

  • Guaranteed solar energy production
  • Free solar monitoring
  • Free maintenance and repairs
  • Full insurance coverage for the solar system
  • Free inverter replacement