Tap into the Sun with Friends Solar!

Welcome to our new website!

Friends Solar is Hawaii’s best source for your Energy Solutions and turnkey Solar System Installations.

The last few years have been very good to Friends Solar. We have increased our sales 10 fold, and this year is stacking up to be even better.
We at Friends Solar have taken a different route to you our customer. Instead of advertising with costly radio and TV adds. We have used one of the oldest methods in sales. Personal Referrals… My bet is that’s why you are here now, someone probably a neighbor or one of your friends told you about us.
The reason referrals are not used by most companies is that they rely on a continual flow of customers from advertising negating the need to follow up with great service. Besides one dissatisfied customer will kill any future referrals to the company!
Friends Solar understands the marketplace because we live here at the completion of a project we survey the client to find out how we can improve. And improve we have over the years.
Most companies even the big boys take two to three days to install an average system. Our professionally trained Friends Solar Team will spend no more than two to three hours! That’s a lot less stress on your roof and we guarantee your roof to be free from damage caused by our installation!
Another reason we can complete the task so much faster is because we only use the best equipment and installed parts. Where other companies use aluminum or lead flashings costing only pennies we use expensive triple sealed flashings costing upwards of $30.00 each. Our rails are five times more expensive and we pay our men more than any other contractor in the industry! When the local paper carried an article that showed a 15-20% solar panel failure rate a lot of our competition panicked because most mainland companies are installing Asian panels. We only use panels manufactured in the USA with less than .05% failure rate! That old adage “That You Get What You Pay For” applies here.
There are many companies in the marketplace today installing hundreds of systems a year, we will probably never become that big but we will always be the best company on the Islands.